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Les Kits 1/12e
Réf 133 ; xx FF
Ferrari 312/B-2

Réf 158 ; xx FF
Ferrari 312T

Réf 159 ; xx FF
Ferrari 312T2

Réf 160 ; xx FF
Ferrari 312T3

Réf 161 ; xx FF
Fiat 806406/s

Réf 162:xx FF
Ferrari 312T4

M Metal, P Plastic
Réf 164 ; xx FF
Fiat Mefistofele 21706cc

Réf 166 ; xx FF
Ferrari 312T5

Réf 167 ; xx FF
Alfa Romeo 179

Réf 170 ; xx FF
Renault RE20

Réf 182 ; xx FF
Alfa Romeo 179c

Réf 188 ; xx FF
Ferrari 126C2

Réf 199 ; xx FF
Ferrari F40

Réf 208 ; xx FF
McLaren MP4/2c

Réf 188e ; xx FF
Moteur Ferrari V6 Turbo

Le moteur de la 126c2
Réf 199e ; xx FF
Moteur Ferrari V8 Turbo

Le moteur de la F40
Réf 208e ; xx FF
Moteur Porsche V6 Turbo

Le moteur de la Mp4/2

  About Protar...

The Owner of our Company was born in the italian village of Rovoleto di Cadeo in the province of Piacenza on the 29th may, 1933. He is the son of a garage poprietor and spent much og his early youth amidst the engines and machinery of the workshop. It is hardly surprising then, that when only 10 years old he was riding first motorcycle.
In 1949 and 1950 when still too young to hold the necessary F.M.I. Licence he entered racing, but in his Uncle's name., Cesare Provini. Under this name and in both these years he won the Provincila Championships. By 1953 he was old enough to enter in his own name and riding the Mondial 125 cc machine, he won the Third Category,s Italian Championships. He also won 2nd place in the great Milano-Taranto Race.
Tarquinio's climb to fame was to be swift and dramatic. 1954 saw him as champion on the 2nd Category, having won also the Motogiro of Italy. During the second half of this season the Italian Motorcycling Governing Body, the F.M.I., promoted Tarquinio as a First Category Rider and he continued the Season by winning the Spanish G.P. and gainde 2nd place in the Italian.
Now a fully fledged and world famous driver, he continued travelling the racing circuits of the world tragically on one of his favourite circuits, the Isle of Man, he suffered a very severed incident. The 16 September , 1966 was a very black day for the still young Tarquinio. The doctors announced on that he would never walk again, let alone race.
Once he had accepted that he would be unable to race again he drove himself to other fields connected with his love for motorcycles. He had the brainwavw to produce miniature models of the motorcycles that he and his worthy opponents had ridden in strenuous competiotion the world over. Today, the modern factory jaust outside Bologna is a tribute to this brave man who strives continuously for perfection.

Le reste de la gamme

VOITURES: 1/24e et 1/12e

MOTORCYCLES: 1/6e, 1/9e et 1/16e

DIVERS: Offshore eu 1/40e et Accessoires (Show case - T. Shirt - etc...)